07.03.2019 Exhibition „LOVE YOURSELF“

March 19, 2019
  • Written by: Lina Fessler
  • Categories: News

Welcome to my first photo- exhibition „LOVE YOURSELF“, which you can visit till end of March in VIENNA ART SALON, Operngasse 28, 1040 Vienna.

It was a great and exciting opening with more than 100 guests, what an honor! After awesome speech of the host, Velina Ileva, about the message and idea of the pictures, we enjoyed a live tango performance and continued the conversations about why women should spend more time on themselves, with a glass of good wine. The face of the exhibition, the model Mirena Vasileva, was also present. I am so grateful to both of them.

The message „LOVE YOURSELF“ is mostly dedicated to women.
Who does not know it? Trying to be the perfect business woman, trying to have a cosy and nice home, giving all and everything to your kids, trying to always to look good and sexy for your husband? And at some point we forget who we are and where we stay on the priority list, until we start suffering from trying to be perfect.

Love gives the answer to everything. But firstly, and most important, the love to yourself. This is the starting point. And then everything else comes into its exact perfect order!
Well, I took me 40 years to realize it :-). Thank you, Natalia Kobylkina, for being my inspiration to create this collection of fine ART photography!

P.S: Check album ‘ART photography’ to see all pictures from the exhibition. You can also buy them as prints in A2 format.

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