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It was the summer of 1993 and I was 16, when I discovered by accident in the basement of our apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria, my grandpa```s old Zenit and a pile of books about photography. It was love at first sight. The bathroom turned into laboratory, the world around into a photo studio. At the end of the vacation it was clear to me that what I had discovered was not only a temporary enthusiasm but an inspiration for a whole life.

Some years after that I graduated from the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien) and entered the corporate world to build a successful career. Taking pictures remained to be my passion and favorite hobby. The birth of my kids was the trigger to start doing photography professionally and commercially.

After many trainings, workshops, competitions, and experience throughout the years, I am holding the camera confidentlyand yet I still feel the same excitement as the first time I picked up my grandfathers old Zenit. Because regardless of how much technology has advanced and what countless opportunities it gives to photographers, what really matters is whether you have managed to capture the beauty of the moment. To be absolutely sure that I will be able to transmit this beauty perfectly I never stop improving myself and constantly enhance my knowledge.

I am proud to have managed to meet the criteria of the globally recognized ISO/IEC 17024 Standard for quality and to acquire the right to use the title Qualified Austrian Photographer (QAP) as a confirmation of my professional qualifications at a master level.

Inspiration is all around. What I personally love is taking pictures of peoplefrom the first smile of a baby to the deep wrinkles on a face. My goal is to discover the details that reveal the character and the emotions of each individual personality.

I like to capture today those moments that will become your memories tomorrow – so let us meet right away!


Lina Fessler

Areas of photographic focus:

Maternity, Baby and Newborn Photography, Children, Family.

Focus and specialization on Business Portraits (for more info about business photography, please visit my site

And something totally different, but I love taking pictures, is... Interior Design!